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Consumer Feedback 2019-20

I had a lot of incredible feedback from my mum and my two sisters on how great all your staff are there. They have all rung me about their various experiences, which have all been in their own right incredible stories. Thank you".

May 2020. Son. Auckland.


Auntie's room looks very nice. Thank you for all you do for her. Everyone is very kind. She is very grateful and we are too.

Family of Resident.

Glenwood is by far the nicest and friendliest place I have visited.


Quality of care residents receive in all aspects of care. Feeling lucky to be here.


Excellent staff, level of care, being informed of what is happening.


Great Food.


Support from clinical manager. All staff kindness and love for family and resident in last days. Daughter of resident.

Walk in the gardens a sort of heaven.

Village Resident



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