From the moment you walk through the door - you just know it's a really special place.

Welcome to Glenwood

Glenwood feels like home - the friendly welcome, the sound of laughter and conversation as residents catch up with family and friends or enjoy a shared activity, the warm interaction between residents and staff. 

Glenwood is a place where everyone is valued and life is celebrated.


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Consumer Feedback 2019-20

I had a lot of incredible feedback from my mum and my two sisters on how great all your staff are there. They have all rung me about their various experiences, which have all been in their own right incredible stories. Thank you. May 2020. Son. Auckland.


Auntie's room looks very nice. Thank you for all you do for her. Everyone is very kind. She is very grateful and we are too. Family of Resident.

Glenwood is by far the nicest and friendliest place I have visited. Relative.

Quality of care residents receive in all aspects of care. Feeling lucky to be here. Resident.

Excellent staff, level of care, being informed of what is happening. Resident. 

Great Food. Residents.

Support from clinical manager. All staff kindness and love for family and resident in last days. Daughter of resident.

Walk in the gardens a sort of heaven. Village Resident

Why Choose Glenwood?

Excellent Staff

Qualified, friendly staff who genuinely care.

Feels Like Home

We take great pride and care in ensuring our residents feel at home.

Superlative Clinical Care

We provide excellent clinical care at our facility.

And More
  • Peaceful

  • Safe, sunny, modern and comfortable

  • Independence & choice is encouraged

  • Christian values

  • Non-profit trust

  • Continuity of care from independent living to rest home to hospital

Partnering with the Police Managers Guild Trust  https://pmgt.org.nz/  

Established in 1997 as a charitable trust, the Police Managers’ Guild Trust provides straightforward, useful information that helps people avoid becoming victims of crime and works toward a safer community for you, your families and your businesses.

The Trust achieves this by educating communities through the use of its annual Police Managers’ Guild Trust Journals, this website, social media and through strategic alliances with the business community.

These cover themes such as Drug and Alcohol awareness, Family Violence, building a Safer Community together, Better Parenting, Crime Prevention, and Child Safety (see topics on left menu).

Publications are approximately 40 pages in length.  4.5 million Journals have been distributed free of charge since inception to the public in all 13  policing districts throughout New Zealand.

This is made possible with thanks to over 20,000 local businesses, which support the Trust through sponsorship and advertising. The money raised from advertisers helps with the production and distribution of the journals as well as the ongoing development of our crime prevention educational resources.

Additionally, the Police Managers’ Guild Trust has returned in excess of 3.5 million dollars to New Zealand communities with impetus to reduce the impact of crime.

Beds and Cottage


Available cottages have been beautifully renovated in recent years and provide comfortable and attractive dwellings.

We currently have the following residential care opportunities:



Looking Ahead...

We would delight in taking you through a cottage or two and to take a tour of our lovely grounds and gardens.

Prospective residents are under no obligation to take up a cottage offer, but being on the waiting list alerts them when cottages become available.

Glenwood cottages are popular, so it is a good idea to plan ahead and make use of the waiting list facility by placing a modest refundable deposit. 

Thinking about going into Care?

Entry to residential care is managed by a process known as Needs Assessment.

1) To begin this process you either need to talk to your doctor about the issues that are leading you to take this step or you can contact the agency responsible for managing assessments (known as NASC or Care Coordination) yourself.

2) Undergo an assessment. An assessment is not something you pass or fail: it is a way of finding out what your needs are and how they might best be met. During the assessment you will be asked a lot of questions about your health and well-being, your personal circumstances, whether you need help with your daily activities and whether more assistance would improve your quality of life. A referral to a specialist (e.g. geriatrician, physiotherapist etc.) may also be made if required.

3) After the assessment has been done the findings will be discussed with you. Possible outcomes of the assessment may include:

    • A recommendation for residential care (the criteria for entry is quite high);

    • A recommendation for support at home to a residential care level;

    • Informed you do not meet the criteria and other options are recommended e.g. home support services.

Latest News & Updates

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